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Of Fame and Umeboshi (TV Update)

Posted in Blog by gaijinsmashnet on November 9, 2009

Well, I’m gonna be on TV again.  Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

The last shoot I did, there were three skits I was in.  Last week only the first one aired.  So this week (er, tomorrow) the other two are going to air.  Tune in if you have access to Japanese TV.
In one of the skits I don’t actually have lines.  …I was supposed to have lines, but I didn’t get to say them.  Everyone sorta got carried away, and it wasn’t a skit where you could go back and re-do it.  Oh well.  Gives me a chance to work on my Barry White baritone voice for the next time.  If there is a next time.
Oh, and if you are reading this, thanks for finding your way back here!

Pardon My Dust (…Again?)

Posted in Uncategorized by gaijinsmashnet on November 7, 2009

So, it looks like the Rudius Media network is down…

As a result, Gaijin Smash is back here on Outpost Nine!  
As you know, moving can be a strenuous process, and there are still some kinks to be worked out.  Namely…
— I’m trying to have the URL re-direct here.  So in the meantime if you have found your way here but know someone who is a fan and has not, please inform them for me.
— The current design is just a default one.  I’m going to come up with a design/layout for this site.  …I’m going to keep things fairly simple, a site you can read at work without looking suspicious.  I was not a huge fan of the previous layout. I hope to redesign Outpost Nine as well.
— My previous backup from the old site didn’t include comments from about Mid-September onward.  I still have access to them (for the moment) so I will try to re-plug them in as I can.  If they end up being lost forever, my apologies.
— I’m pretty sure there’s an RSS feed already built into this thing.  If not, I will add one ASAP.  
Thanks for joining me in the move (back!) and I hope to continue to see you around!

Of Fame and Umeboshi

Posted in Uncategorized by gaijinsmashnet on November 2, 2009

If you can’t beat em…join em?
By now my seething hatred of Japanese television should be fairly well known. If Hollywood has taught us anything about life, its that when one person hates something so passionately, so derisively, that there are only two possible conclusions – an all-out fight to the death, or for the hate to turn into romance of some sort. While my plan to rain down unparalleled destruction on Japanese TV networks is still in the planning phases (do you have any idea how hard it is to gather Satan’s minions…?), I may have to put it on hold for a while, as…well…now I’m actually appearing on TV.
Calm down, I haven’t become the next Bob Sapp or Bobby Ologun *shudder*. So far its only been a few random appearances on one TV show. …So, how does that happen anyway?
Last year with my wedding ceremony coming up I was crunched for cash. I was also working the Job From Hell (see the Sour Apples entries), so I was regularly checking job postings – something part-time I could do in addition to my job to help with the wedding costs, or a full-time job to replace the nightmare I was working at then. I came across an ad for a talent agency for foreigners. The office wasn’t located too far from my workplace, so I figured why not – I contacted them one day and went for an interview/screening during lunch break.
They explained that they are an agency that provides foreigners for various roles in the Japanese entertainment business. TV spots, movie extras, commercials, etc. I gave them my information and took some profile pictures. They said they would give me a call if any good projects came up that would be suited for me.