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Thank You

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Thank you for your feedback.


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A (Wonderful) Christmas Tale

Posted in Blog by gaijinsmashnet on January 4, 2008

First off, Happy New Year’s everyone! Hope you had a fun and safe holiday season.
Next, I’ll get to the point – I am now currently engaged.
After waking up a bit late, we both went out to Arashiyama and took a walk around the Tenryuji temple. For dinner, I took her to a very high-class teppanyaki restaurant on the 17th floor of a fancy hotel overlooking Kyoto city. By this point, she said it was already the best Christmas she’d ever had. I told her I wasn’t done yet.
The last part of my plan took us to Kyoto Station. The large sprawling station features romantic lights and a huge Christmas tree. You can also go up to the 11th floor of the station where there’s a sky garden overlooking the city. Originally, I’d planned to do it there, but the day was kind of overcast, and then actually looking at it, you kind of come to realize that from an aerial view, Kyoto isn’t that pretty. We both went down to the steps near the base of the tree and exchanged our presents. After receiving her gift, I did my proposal. …Which she actually didn’t answer immediately, as she became a crying mess as she marveled over the ring.