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I Didn’t Wanna Grow Up

Posted in Blog by gaijinsmashnet on September 27, 2007

I live.
Sorry for the lack of updates this past…month? I’d love to give you all some kind of wonderful and awesome excuse as to where I’ve been. Like, I was recruited by a covert team of ninja samurai, running from the law for war crimes they didn’t commit, and we would drive around in our black van as mercenaries for hire for whomever needed us and could find us. Or, after a random chance meeting with Japanese pin-up model Rio Natsume, the two of us ran off on an impulsive trip to the Bahamas, where everyday included wild animal sex, martini’s on the beach, and ferocious sudoku competitions. Or, Watson (remember him?) had rounded up 300 of his best Kancho Warriors, and marched them straight up to my residence, where they planned either to violate my ass or die trying – I’ve spent the past two weeks holed up in my apartment armed only with a nerf gun and a can of 3-year old creamed corn.
I’d love to tell you something like that, but the honest-to-goodness truth is that what’s kept me busy these past two weeks has been – life.
The nice thing about JET was that it was sort of like University 1.5. You may or may not have class everyday. If you have class, you may only have 2-3, maybe 4, perhaps 5 or 6 on a busy day. On the times that you don’t have class, you pretty much have nothing to do. In university, I would go to the local arcade for some rounds in Street Fighter, find a nice corner of the campus to take a nap in, or if it was the middle of the day, go home and watch Pokemon. …Don’t hate, the first few seasons of Pokemon were good. Prepare for trouble, and make it double, bitches. On JET, I’d hide myself behind the gym and play Gameboy or take a nap, or read a manga at my desk. Life really wasn’t that different.
In some ways, JET is easier than university. Work’s finished by 4:15 everyday, there’s no homework, no cramming for finals or any of that nonsense. And it still comes with the rampant boozing and hookups that college life offers.
…I anticipate that the JET program may get a flood of applicants this year.