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Why the angry editorials?

Posted in FAQ by gaijinsmashnet on December 5, 2006

They’re not angry. All my editorials are is a written version of the tales my friends and I exchange over beers in the local bar. And if you think I’ve got it bad, I’ve heard a lot worse. For example, one of my friends, a rather busty girl, was telling us one day about an exercise in class where the students had to write a complimentary sentence about her. She came to one boy, and his “complimentary” sentence was “Your breasts are delicious.”
Now, I don’t have breasts (but I sure could use a nice pair right now), but I can’t even imagine being hit with something like that. My friend though, she’s my hero. She looked him deadpan in the face and said “But my dear, you’ve never even tasted my breasts.”
Some of my male friends, who work in high schools, have told me they’ve gotten propositioned for sex from some of the female students. I can thankfully say that’s never happened to me. At least, not from my students. But, that’s a story for another day.
I write my editorials in a light-hearted sense. I can actually see the hilarity of having to physically restrain a young Japanese boy from grabbing my dick. That’s just how it is here.
I actually have a lot of really nice, heart-warming stories, one in particular which (I’ll admit) almost made me cry on my birthday. I will write about them at some point. These particular editorials are meant as light-hearted humor, and should be taken as such.


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