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It Came From Left Field

Posted in Blog by gaijinsmashnet on August 11, 2006

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In one sannensei class, they were asked to prepare questions to ask me. I actually kind of hate this; I’d much prefer it if they asked me questions of their own volition. But that how the whole “internationalization” thing goes in Japan – with all the romance and motivation of a shotgun wedding. Goddammit, you will internationalize and you will like it.
The students were given half an hour to come up with at least five questions they could ask me, and the final twenty minutes of the class was reserved for answer time. As I expected, the questions were rather stale: “Do you like baseball?” “What’s your favorite color?” “Where’s your favorite place in Japan?” I don’t blame the students. Put a foreigner in front of me and tell me I have thirty minutes to come up with questions to askfor him or her and I doubt I could do any better.
One girl, though, completely broke the mold. No, she didn’t just break the mold – she shattered it into tiny little pieces and then incinerated them into ash. What I love about my life is that, for me the unusual, odd stuff doesn’t just come out of left field, it comes from the neighboring parking lot. The girl stood up and proceeded to ask me, “What do you think of lesbians?”
Say what now?